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Crealy Great Adventure Park – Crealy – United Kingdom


Crealy Great Adventure Park – Crealy – United Kingdom

Van Egdom has created a great set of slides. Towering above the Great Adventure Park in Crealy, you can choose between three amazing rides with a raft elevator.

Firstly there is the Hara-Kiri, a fast slide for two persons in a raft. The first section is a Black Hole. When the speed has been built up, you make the last drop in the open part of the slide where everyone can see you from the ramp.

The second slide is a Super Fast Hara-Kiri. Designed with daylight rings, this is great slide if you like speed. After the straight drop, you will fly through the flat section like a speed boat.

The last slide is a tube with a nice curve. In this slide you can experience the sideways forces and beautiful light effects.

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United Kingdom
Crealy Great Adventure Park
Water Rides
Hara Kiri - 49 meters
Dry Slides
Hara Kiri - 49 meters

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